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Free tea at the Tuileries – France

Strolling in the Jardin de Tuileries has always been one of my favourite activities to do in Paris.   

I found a really cool pavilion off the main pathway and decided to check it out…

I think it was some eco pavilion  and there’s free tea!Lehning Laboratories was doing some promo for their tea line.  There’s a bunch of different teas to choose from but I picked pectoflorine (cloves, ginseng, thyme, eucalyptus, peppermint, vitamin c and elder)….

a walk in the Tuileries with free tea… sweet!


Jardin de Tuileries, Paris, France

Argo Tea – Chicago

My BFF told me to try argo tea.. it’s everywhere in the city! Anyhoo.. we didn’t get a chance until we were waiting for our flight @ O’Hare airport.

photobombed by bro…

L: Tea Sangria (hibiscus tea with apples, oranges and grapes).. sangria.. but tea version.. pretty good!

R: Earl Grey Vanilla Creme… tasted like medicine…

FAIM?  un peu….

Argo Tea

various locations around Chicago… but we went to the stall @ O”Hare Terminal 3