Bij Den Boer – Brussels, Belgium

One of the main reasons for visiting Brussels is moules-frites!!!! Instead of going to the touristy area for mussels, we went to Place St. Catherine, which used to be a seafood market but now has tons of seafood restaurants.

Originally, we wanted to try Noordzee Mer Du Nord and Le Pré Salé but those were closed during the days we were in Brussels.  Instead, we tried Bij Den Boer, another highly rated place for seafood.

We ordered beer and it came with a small plate of shrimps…

These tiny shrimps were soooo flavourful!

Mom and I both ordered moules frites (she had the moule frites in white wine while I had the marinière).  This was AMAZZZZZZING!!! Seriously! The moules were fresh tasting, fat and succulent. The pot seemed not to have a bottom because I kept eating and eating and there were still mussels! AND.. there weren’t a single closed mussel! The fries were thick and crispy!

My brother ordered the cod fried in butter

My dad ordered the 4 course menu @ 28 Euros.. which is quite a steal cause it has soup, 2 entrees and dessert.

fish soup… this was rather watery…

risotto with mussel...

fried dover sole


Just come to Bij Den Boer for their mussels….. it’s the best ever!  I wish I ate here the 2nd night!


Bij Den Boer

Quai aux Briques 60  1000 Brussels, Belgium
02 512 61 22


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