Dandoy Tea Room – Brussels, Belgium

We only had a day and a half in Brussels so I had to make the most of my time (eating wise)!  For tea, I went to Dandoy to try their famous waffles!

Since it was just me who’s trying the waffles, I ate at the takeaway counter on the first floor (instead of the tearoom).

I ordered the waffle with ice cream and chocolate sauce!  This was a lot more expensive (5 Euros) than the waffles from street stands (1 Euro) but it’s sooo worth it!  This waffle is crispier and has a bit of icing.  I loved the contrasting temperatures of the warm waffle and cold ice cream!


Dandoy Team Room

Rue au Beurre 31  1000 Brussels, Belgium
02 511 03 26

3 responses to “Dandoy Tea Room – Brussels, Belgium

  1. I’ll be in Brussels this Saturday… after reading all these posts about yummy food I can have I’ll probably come back home 5 kg heavier! Great blog, I never get tired of it 😉

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