‘t Kelderke – Brussels, Belgium

On our 2nd and last night, I decided to go to ‘t Kelderke for traditional Belgian cuisine.  Although ‘t Kelderke is right smacked in tourist central (it’s in Grand Place), the food is supposedly pretty good and authentic.

We were in Brussels during the Flower Carpet week, which happens once every 2 years.. so we’re pretty lucky to see it… and this is the rights outside the restaurant..

‘t Kelderke is located in the cellar and it’s quite stuffy.. I wish we had sat outside..

moules frites… The mussels weren’t as succulent and fewer than Bij Den Boer…but it was still tasty..

Anguilles au vert (eels in herb sauce)…This is a Belgian specialty..the eels were fat but tasted kind of bland…

stoemp avec carbonnades flammandes à la bière (mash potatoes with slow cooked beef)…  Stoemp is mashed potatoes mixed with bacon and vegetables and is a traditional Belgian fare.  The beef was very tender and I loved the sauce!

soupe du jour..


‘t Kelderke

Grand-Place 15  1000 Brussels, Belgium
02 513 73 44

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