Bilbao-Berria – Barcelona, Spain

The highlight of our trip was watching Barça take on Napoli for the Joan Gamper Trophy at Camp Nou!

The atmosphere at the game was electrifying! Most of the 90,000 seats were filled …people wore Barça jerseys.. trumpets were blasting..endless body waves.. everyone singing along to the Barça song…

And Barça won 5-0! After the game, we had a late dinner (11:30pm) at Bilbao-Berria.

I passed by it a couple times before and it always seemed to be packed… so we decided to give it a try (and most other places were closed)..

clockwise from top: imitation crab with roe; BBQ chicken; shrimp; egg, pepper and anchovy

anchovy, pepper, onion and olive

the chocolate drizzled creme puff was ok.. the dark chocolate ball had a ganache filling inside!


Bilbao Berria 

Plaça Nova 3, El Barri Gòtic
Tel: + 34 933 170 124
open till midnight

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