Tapaç 24 – Barcelona, Spain

On our first night in Barcelona, we taxied to Lolita for dinner but it was closed (see my rant). Thank goodness I had my restaurant list, so we went to Tapaç 24 instead.

Carles Abellan, who previously worked at El Bulli with Ferran Adria for 15 years, opened his hugely successful restaurant Comerç 24 (a Michelin-1 star) and later opened a no-fuss hip tapas bar,  Tapaç 24.

We got there before 8pm so there were plenty of seats!

The menu (in Catalan) is printed on a paper bag that holds the silverware!

bravas..a classic tapas dish… fried potatoes with spicy mayo sauce! The potatoes were crispy and the sauce was just spicy enough to give my tastebuds a kick!

bikini comerç 24 (sandwich with black truffles, cured Iberian ham and buffalo mozzarella)…. The best grilled cheese sandwich ever! haha… Tapaç 24’s version is so gourmet.. with the added truffles! If only mommy makes her grilled cheese sandwiches like this!

pan con tomate… This and Paco Meralgo’s version are probably the best I had in Spain.  The bread was warm, crispy and so tomato-y!

McFoie burger (small hamburger with foie-gras mayo)...  Tapaç 24 is really giving fast-food a gourmet treatment.  This time.. it’s foie-gras mayo! I’ve had teri-mayo… wasabi-mayo.. but this foie-gras mayo is seriously in a league of its own.  I applied a generous spread of this mayo onto my hamburger and it’s like eating actual foie gras because the mayo’s so smooth.  Not to forget about the burger.. the beef patty was cooked medium-rare and the bread was crispy!  But it’s the  FOIE GRAS MAYO that stole the show!

Iberian ham croquettes..thin batter.. smooth filling

grilled baby squid.. this was part of the daily tapas special… this was the most delicious squid I ever had! The baby squid was so fresh that no seasoning is needed, well, it’s own squid ink had enough flavour! Even though this was the most expensive dish that night at 16 euros, it was totally worth it.

steamed mussels…. omg… the mussels were also very fresh.. Usually there’s a slight hint of fishiness but not these! and the mussels were steamed till it’s just cooked but it has the freshness/texture of raw oysters..  so good!!!!

bombes de la Barceloneta (potato and meatballs with spicy sauce)… this certainly bombed by taste buds!

chicken wings..this was the tapas of the day.. nothing special.. well, they do remove the bone for you.. but my mom does that too when she cooks… and it was a bit too salty.

paella of the day .. crayfish paella.. another standout! the rice was al dente and had a lot of sauce/soup and the crawfish was fresh!

I really like how Tapaç 24 has the basic tapas (pan con tomate, bravas) and also offers gourmet versions of typical fast food.  Plus, the seafood served is of a high quality. Despite the expensive dinner at 91 Euros, this was soooo worth it!  The location of Tapaç 24 is superbe cause just around the corner is Passeig de Gràcia, the most important street for shopping and architecture in Barcelona.

<Casa Milà is just a couple blocks away!>


Tapaç 24 

C/ Diputació, 269, Barcelona – 934 880 977

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