Alta Taberna Paco Meralgo – Barcelona, Spain

For dinner the 2nd night, we went to Paco Meralgo, considered by foodies as the best tapas bar in Barcelona.  The only other tapas bar that is also considered “the best” is Cal Pep, but it’s closed in August.

We made a reservation on so the four of us got a table.

There’s also a smoking and non-smoking section which are separated by the open kitchen.

Gazpacho in a glass…. this is the most watery gazpacho I had in Spain.. I don’t know if they diluted it so it’s more like a drink?  But this was very refreshing!

pa amb tomaquet (pan con tomate in Catalan)… this was very tomato-y and crispy!

grilled aubergine and anchovy on bread

potato bravas…so good cause this version wasn’t that spicy! We ordered 2 plates!

chicken and ham & fish and seafood croquettes.. thin batter and lot of filling!

deep fried baby squid…. the squid was flavourful but since the squid is so fresh, I would prefer just grilling it.

zucchini flower stuffed with mozzarella cheese… we didn’t mean to order this but this tasted pretty good… with the melty cheese!

chucks of garlic-fried fillet…  12 euros for 6 tiny chunks of beef is expensive but it was sooooooo delicious! The beef was cooked medium-rare so it was extremely tender and the garlic taste simply made the dish a knock-out.

Small squid ‘a la llauna’… I prefer baby squids but the standout of this dish are the chickpeas. I usually pick out the chickpeas but these were so soft and flavourful that I ate them all!

steamed mussels…once again, the mussels were so fresh, there’s no need for seasoning!

Fresh anchovies in batter… we thought that it would be salty but it wasn’t! so yummy and meaty!

fried prawns in batter.. 12 euros for 6! expensive! The batter was very thin and the prawns were so fresh and sweet.

‘Bomba’, big spicy meat ball.. it’s like croquettes…

Paco Meralgo serves high-quality tapas and fresh seafood and its price certainly reflects that.


Alta Taberna Paco Meralgo

C/ Muntaner, 171
08036 Barcelona, Spain
934 309 02


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