Don’t go to Barcelona in August


I wanted to try Tickets, the new-ish joint venture between the brothers Albert and Ferran Adria (of Inopia and elBulli) and 3 Iglesias brothers (of Rias de Galicia).. but it’s CLOSED in August.

But nevermind, I’ll try Lolita (the restaurant that opened after Inopia closed but which still had Inopia dishes)… BCN restaurants said Lolita is opened in August, BUT when we got there…


GRRRRRR… guess what’s also closed?

Pinotxo bar!!  the famous tapas bar in La Boqueria!


I emailed Hisop (the 1-star Michelin restaurant) for reservations and they replied: We are really sorry but we will be close by holiday’s from next 30th of july to 22 of August both included, if you wan to book another day we will be glad to serve you.

I also emailed Alkimia (another 1 star- Michelin restaurant. famous for their modern Catalan cuisine)  but they’re on holiday too!

On top of that, Cal Pep .. one of the best places for tapas… and Kaiku .. for seafood were closed too!

I was and still am sooooo disappointed!

But thankfully, some on my to-eat-list were still opened!


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