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Eating in Vernazza – Cinque Terre, Italy

After Monterosso, we caught the train to Vernazza.  The weather was still less than stellar but the village was still very picturesque.

Despite the cold weather, I still had two ice-creams! We went to the only gelateria by the water..

I have to admit, there’s not really much to do in Cinque Terre if you don’t hike. Since we were taking the trains, we saved so much time in getting to each village. However, there’s not much to do in each village because it’s so small..

We were bored sitting around and decided to have a late afternoon snack / way-too-early dinner.

mixed seafood salad….. ordered this because I wanted to eat vegetables but turns out it was mainly seafood….. kind of bland..

mussels… very very tiny mussel…



Cinque Terre, Italy