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Sturehof – Stockholm, Sweden

Just came back a family trip to Sweden, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium and France! Thanks to Chowhound and Trip Advisor recommendations, we had a culinary blast!

Our first stop was Stockholm and everything’s so expensive there. On average, a meal for the 4 of us (shared appetizers, 4 mains, without drinks) was more than 1000 SEK (150 CAD)!

The first meal we had in Stockholm was dinner at Sturehof!

Sturehof is Stockholm’s most classic brasserie and has been around for more than a century! We arrived at Sturehof around 8pm on a Friday night and the place was packed with trendy Stockholmers. There was an hour wait for a seat on the terrace (facing the Stureplan square) so we decided to wait for a table in the dining room.

Swedish cuisine is famous for herring and Sturehof is famous for its fish and seafood.

That isn’t plain butter but whipped butter with caviar!  The butter was so soft, rich and tasted like caviar.  Sooo good that we got a third plate of butter!

5 sorts of herring (herb and garlic, pickled, mustard, Sturehof, Norrona matjes) with Swedish cheese… This is the classic Swedish dish but I didn’t really like it because the herring is extremely salty. I think the cheese is there to balance the saltiness but I don’t eat cheese!

Toast Skagen (prawns in mayonnaise and bleak roe)…. This is another Stockholm specialty.. tasted really good.. but 195 SEK ($30 CAD) for toast is a bit too much!

Sturehof’s bouillabaisse with parmesan and rouille…. Mom ordered this and said it was average.

cod cheek “fish and chips” with fried parsley and remoulade sauce…. My brother had this and he said it was one of the best fish & chips he ever had.. but $30CAD for fish & chips!

My dad had the grilled char (on the bone) with beetroots and horseraddish creme. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture because it’s rare for a Western restaurant to serve a whole fish!



Stureplan 2  114 46 Stockholm, Sweden
08-440 57 30