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Street food @ Ollantaytambo, Peru

Before going on the trip, I wasn’t gonna eat any street food.. but then, we passed by this BBQ stand in Ollantaytambo…

It’s grilled.. so this should be safe!  We ordered 2 each of beef and chicken..

extremely oily and tough to chew…. and the meat + potatoes were just lukewarm….. it hasn’t been grilled for long enough!

faim? non non..

Street food @ Ollantaytambo, Peru


Yang’s Fry Dumplings 小楊生煎館 – Shanghai

near the four seasons is the Wujiang food street!!!! and within the food street is Yang’s Fry Dumplings(小楊生煎館)!!!

there’s always a line up.. especially when i go buy my breakfast..but the line up is a good thing because you’re sure to get piping hot sheng jian baos..

the sheng jian bao’s are steamed and then pan fried until the skin on the bottom is golden coloured and crispy..

the sheng jian bao is filled with juicy meat and soup (oil again) that oozes out!! and the bottom is so crispy!!!

plus! it’s really cheap! 4.5 rmb for 4 sheng jian baos!


Yang’s Fry Dumplings 小楊生煎館

60 Wujiang Rd., Shanghai

Mong Kok street food – Hong Kong

we were supposed to go to Tim Ho Wan (the dim sum restaurant in Mong Kok that received 1 Michelin star)..we wanted to avoided the long lineups during meal times.. so decided to go at 3:30pm… but no… i got there and asked for a ticket and the guy’s like..” sorry.. we passed out more than 500 tickets..and we’re not giving out anymore.. maybe at  7 pm”.. ~!@!$#!$#@%$^T%Y&^%&$^%*&U%#%$@

so we ended up wandering around mong kok and eating street food!!

1. roti prata…ordered a lamb one and a cheese with vegetables.. pretty good.. but singapore has better ones cause these were crispy enough.. but the fillings were good

2/3. japanese octopus balls….. my friend says it’s the best in mong kok.. and i think so too! and there’s real octopus meat inside.. and it didn’t taste doughy

4. bread/dough with meat? kinda like pizza.. pretty good… but the meat wasn’t juicy enough

we also ate some other food.. see next 2 posts!!

just realized today that mong kok has great street food! i’ve never really had street food in hong kong before.. but thanks to my friends who recommended it today!!


Mong Kok, Kowloon