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Street eats @ Fukuoka, Japan

We ate our way though a park in Tenji, which had probably more than 50 food stalls… maybe even a hundred!

2 skewers of grilled octopus!

okonomiyaki on a stick!


deep fried sweet potato sticks

In Tenjin, we also found a tiny shop selling home-made bean mochi? There was a lineup so I gravitated towards it…

it was mochi with red beans….very soft and chewy….and the beans were huge!

Apart from food stalls, we also found this really line up for croissants at the Hakata JR station.

we bought 3 flavours of mini croissants to try:

normal, chocolate and one filled with sweet potato… nothing special.. and the crust was soggy….. which is a croissant-fail.

Street Eats in Fukuoka


Street Eats – Yufuin, Japan

After eating B-Speak‘s roll cake in the car, we walked around this charming hot spring town.  Apart from onsens, there’s also art galleries, cafes, boutiques, mountains and lake.

Lake Kinrinko

We also ate our way through town…

Snoopy Cafe… so kawaii!

green tea mochi… super soft…

Wagyu beef BBQ skewers… 500 yen only! Unfortunately, this was really tough.. not Wagyu.. ripoff

We passed by this bakery, Milch, and stopped because of the fragrant smell of cheese.

cheescake (cold and hot)…. both versions were delicious and so rich.. but the hot version was so amazing cause it was piping hot!

caramel milk custard… creamy, rich and so smooth! I love the little container it came in so much that I kept two of it!


Street eats @ Yufuin, Japan