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Flying Beaver Bar & Grill – Richmond, Vancouver

Right before my  Toronto friends had to fly home, my other friend, the Richmond native, took us to one of his favourite hangout place, Flying Beaver Bar & Grill!

It’s located at the South Terminal of the Vancouver Airport but it’s still a 5-minute drive to the main terminal … nevertheless, it’s still really close..

The place was jam-packed so we had to sit outside in the smoker’s area… o well.. there’s a really nice view cause you can see the seaplanes take off!

The Beaver Damn (spinach artichoke dip with tortilla chips, wings, potato skins, chicken fingers)… this is the best appetizer set because it has everything I love and the food was delicious! The chicken fingers were tender, the dip wasn’t overly cheesy, the wings were dripped with sauce and the potato skins were not soggy!

Yam fries.. yumm! but i prefer yam chips!

I would definitely come back to this place because it has great pub food!

<while typing this post, i googled Flying Beaver and I found out it’s part of the Mark James Group! No wonder I love Flying Beaver! My family and I used to love going to Marks’ Fiasco, the pub in Kitsilano, before it closed down.  It had the best thin-crusted pizza and buffalo wings! >


Flying Beaver Bar & Grill

4760 Inglis Drive
Richmond, BC

(604) 273-0278


Tenku Bakudanyaki – Richmond, Vancouver

everyone’s been talking about eating this gigantic takoyaki (japanese octopus ball) and the place you get this is from this trailer parked in a Richmond parking lot!!!

i entered the “address” into the GPS and I still couldn’t find it!!! So after driving around.. I finally found it! along with 2 other trailers which sell ramen and sushi!!

since this was right before dinner, the 4 of us decided to share 1 original takoyaki ( mayo + sauce) for 500 cents…. (i don’t think i’ve ever seen $5 as 500 cents)

it comes in a take-out box!!!

i didn’t really like this “gigantic takoyaki” because the skin’s really thick… but mainly because i didn’t get to eat the filling because my brother ate it all!  The sauce is pretty good.. if it were’t for the sauce, I don’t think I would have finished the thick doughy skin!


Tenku Bakudanyaki

8740 Charles St
Richmond, BC