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Restaurant Pelikan – Stockholm, Sweden

The last restaurant/beer hall I had to try in Stockholm is Pelikan.  Pelikan is recommended by many guidebooks and foodies as a place to try traditional Swedish fare.

SOS (assorted pickled herring and cheese)….The herring is too salty.. and it’s probably my fault for not pairing it with the cheese…

meatballs with cream sauce, gherkins and lingonberries… The meatballs are gigantic!!!!

fried salted bacon with creamy onion sauce…  only a few slices of bacon for 178 SEK!

crayfish toast with lavaret roe… We just had the toast from Lisa Elmqvist for lunch, so in comparison, this did not taste fresh.

Swedish beefsteak with parsley butter, tomato salad and fried new potatoes….  The steak was extremely tough….

Because we had such good meals previously, Pelikan was such a disappointment.

FAIM? un peu…

Restaurant Pelikan 

Blekingegatan 40  116 62 Stockholm, Sweden
08-556 090 90