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Nystekt Strömming – Stockholm, Sweden

After crossing the bridge from Gamla Stan (Old Town) into Södermalm (the setting of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), there’s a square where you can find the most famous food stall in Stockholm.
Nystekt Strömming (means newly fried herring) is famous for it’s fried herring (big surprise there)!

fried herring with mashed potato, lettuce, onion lingonberry sauce and  knäckebrod  (Swedish hard bread)…. The herring wasn’t too oily and didn’t have a thick batter.  Loved the lingonberry sauce.. not too sour! Lingonberry is a staple in Nordic cuisine.

Again, to put into perspective how expensive Sweden is, this fast food costs around $12 CAD!


Nystekt Strömming

outside Slussen subway station

Södermalm, Stockholm