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Eating in Monterosso Al Mare – Cinque Terre, Italy

The easiest way to get to all five Cinque Terre villages is either by hiking or taking the trains.  When we went in April, it was cold and rainy; so we decided to train instead.  It’s quite convenient to train as the inter-village trains run every hour.  We trained to the northern-most village, Monterosso, which is also the largest of the five villages.

There’s two parts to Monterosso, old and new town.  The old town is more picturesque with the signature colourful buildings.

lemons everywhere…

passed by a bakery and couldn’t resist!

baci di dama…….. sooooo good! This almond cookie is so soft and buttery.. and there’s also chocolate!

Because that chocolate cookie was so good, I decided to try their apricot cookie; however, this was hard and dry.

A minute after buying that cookie, we passed by another bakery, Wonderland Bakery….and obviously, I couldn’t resist…

got a lemon and chocolate sfogliatella…  AMAZING! crispy and flaky on the outside!

For lunch, we went to a random restaurant with a Trip Advisor Excellence sign… not too good of a choice….

we ordered a pizza with tomato, mozzarella and Italian sausage….. this was so bland…

trofie al pesto…. oily and bland…

Monteresso Al Mare

Cinque Terre, Italy