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Mido Cafe 美都餐室 – Hong Kong

so..my friend and i continued the hk style cafe journey.. and our next stop was Mido..

it’s been around for a very long time..more than 50 years..and apparently.. it hasn’t changed the interior.thus, it retains the retro feel.. with the green tiles.. and ceiling fans.. plus! a lot of movies and tv shows were filmed here!

we ordered the baked pork chop rice…but cause the presentation gave us a shock (doesn’t it look sloppy?).. we didn’t expect much ..tastewise… BUT!! after one spoonful of the rice..i fell in love…the rice was fried first with eggs..and the tomato sauce was really tasty.. i think it’s the best baked pork chop rice sauce… and the pork was really tender…

apparently.. i order the wrong dish cause my foodie aunt said that their baked spareribs rice is the most famous.. o well. next time…

for dessert… we ordered

peanut butter condensed milk toast.. yummm


Mido Cafe 美都餐室

63, Temple Street,
Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong