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Lisa Elmqvist @ Östermalms Saluhall – Stockholm, Sweden

I wanted to try Lisa Elmqvist, a famous seafood restaurant at Östermalm’s Saluhall (food market) which is recommended by the Michelin guide.  Lisa Elmqvist also sells seafood so we’re assured of the seafood quality!

We asked for a table and the waitress seated us at Gerda Johansson, next to Lisa Elmqvist.  She assured us that both restaurants are the same.. oddly enough, the names are different but the food comes from the same kitchen, has the same menu and same waiters.

For lunch, we ordered:

fish soup of the house with aioli and garlic bread.. my parents had the soup to share and they kindly split it for us.  The half portion is presented like the regular portion! The fish soup tasted rich and had a lot of fish chunks.

smoked salmon served with scrambled eggs….

CRAY FISH TOAST with 200g cray fish tails, garlic, leek, mayonnaise and parsley on toast, garnished with trout roe……  This was amazing! Creamy and lots of fresh-tasting cray fish!


Lisa Elmqvist

Östermalm Saluhall Market Hall, Östermalmstorg, Östermalm, 114 39 Stockholm, Sweden                                                                                                                             Tel. (46) 08-553-40-400                                                                                                    Open Monday-Thursday 9.30am-6pm, Friday 9.30am-7pm, Saturday 9.30am-4pm. Closed Sundays