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La Torna @ Mercat Santa Caterina – Barcelona, Spain

Compared with the hectic, tourists-filled La Boqueria, Mercat Santa Caterina is a lesser known market but offers a more relaxed and authentic market experience.

Mercat Santa Caterina was recently remodelled with the addition of a new colourful, wavy, tiled roof.

After a successful morning of shopping on Portal de l’Àngel, we lunched at La Torna, housed at the back of the Mercat Santa Caterina.

Fresh fish, prawns and mussels are displayed along the bar!

complimentary pan con tomate..

grilled squid…very fresh!

grilled mussels.. so fresh! It’s grilled just until the shell opens so the meat is not over cooked!

grilled prawns..  the prawns were huge, sweet and had roe!

seafood special (prawns, mussels, clams and hake).. we ordered this cause we wanted more seafood and this seems like a good deal!

grilled asparagus with romesco sauce…the asapargus was crunchy and the sauce was a standout.  The sauce is made from grounded nuts mixed with garlic, olive oil and small dried peppers.

potato bravas…the potatoes weren’t crispy enough but it was still delicious that we ordered another plate! addicted much?

Café cortado

The above meal cost less than 50 euros and we ate so much seafood! The servers were friendly and tried their best to speak English, the food was delicious and the price was reasonable! That was at noon but we wanted to have a small nibble before going to Camp Nou to watch the football match between Barça and Napoli, so we went back to La Torna at 4pm!!  Since the kitchen was closing and most of the seafood was gone, we didn’t have much choice.  We ended up just eating a plate of prawns and half a portion of mussels… which was still so good!


La Torna @ Mercat Santa Caterina

Carrer d’En Giralt El Pellisser, 2
08003 Barcelona, Spain

opens for breakfast till 4:30pm