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Karl Fazer Café – Helsinki, Finland

The cruise also stopped in Helsinki, Finland for a few hours and we managed to make 2 food stops!

This is the Helsinki Cathedral and nearby is the Karl Fazer Café.

Karl Fazer is THE chocolate and confectionery brand in Finland and the café was opened in the same location way back in 1891!  It’s still as popular as ever today (with both locals and tourists) and it was so hard to find a seat.

The café is self-serve and there’s a large variety of savouries and sweets.  In Scandic countries, open sandwiches are extremely popular (Danish: smørrebrød, Norwegian: smørbrød, Swedish: smörgås, Finnish: voileipä).

I randomly picked this because of the salmon and it tasted really good… there’s this semi-sweet filling within the bread!

herring voileipä…. extremely creamy-and-not-too salty-herring on a rather tough rye bread…

cheesecake with a raspberry layer on top… very light cheesecake yet there’s a strong cheese taste..


Karl Fazer Café

Kluuvikatu 3  00100 Helsinki, Finland
020 7296702