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Ichiran 一蘭 – Fukuoka, Japan

We made it back to Fukuoka in time to see the last few hours of the 2 days Hakata Dontaku Festival, one of the largest festival in Japan.

It was interesting to see a combination of traditional and commercial floats… but I don’t really think it is worth watching for 2 days.

The Ichiran Ramen flagship was right in the middle of the parade thoroughfare. Ichiran is one of the famous ramen joints specializing in Hakata ramen, tonkatsu soup base.

the ordering interface is new, compared to the one in Osaka!

I guess there’s a lot of tourists at this location cause the customization form is in English!

This ramen tastes like the other Ichiran ramen I’ve had in Osaka and Hong Kong..


Ichiran 一蘭 

〒810-0001 Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka, 中央区天神1-10-15
Phone:+81 92-736-5272

Ichiran 一蘭 – Osaka, Japan

Even though we had Ippudo for lunch, we had ramen again for dinner.. this time, at Ichiran.  Ichiran is famous for it’s unique style of dining… individual private cubby so you can enjoy the ramen alone!

The lineup was insane!   45 minute wait outside.. and then another 15 min lineup inside.

The ticket machine….thank goodness it has pictures!

After buying the tickets, we consulted the panel to see where there are empty seats.  There’s a total of 20 seats… all in a line.   It took a while to get 3 adjacent seats.

The unique seating arrangement… I seriously think this is to prevent people from talking.. so they can finish eating and then leave…

My solitude dining… well, the front panel can swing back so you can partly see your neighbour……. it even has a water dispenser in each cubby!

Tonkotsu Hakata-style ramen made with pork broth… the soup base was flavourful and not too oily… the noodles were on the softer side… while the pork had the right amount of fat…

About half a year later, Ichiran opened in Hong Kong and the lineups were even more crazy… 3-4 hours!!!


Ichiran 一蘭

various locations but we went to the Dotonbori branch

一蘭道頓堀店 Japan, 〒542-0084 大阪府大阪市中央区宗右衛門町7−18

+81 6-6212-1805

Ichiran 一蘭 – Hong Kong

During the summer, Ichiran opened in Hong Kong with much enthusiasm from the public.  Since Ichiran is opened 24 hours.. there were lineups from 7am-5am!! Crazy! The lineups were on average 3-4 hours during peak hours!!!!

Obviously, I had to try HK’s Ichiran since I’ve been to the one in Osaka. I went on a Friday at 5:45pm and only had to wait 30 minutes!  By the time I left, the line was around 2 hours!

Basically, this panel is just a decoration because unlike Osaka, the staff in HK shows the customers to their seats.

 solitude- style dining…

a bit different from Japan.. the curtain wasn’t closed until the ramen was delivered.. so you can hear and see what’s going on behind seating stalls….. kinda ruins the whole solitary dining atmosphere…

tofu appetizer and dessert… this is only available in Hong Kong.  2 tofu puddings come with each order.

you’re supposed to eat the first pudding as is…. it’s really thick and has a strong sesame taste…

then you eat the ramen… which was extremely oily, compared to Japan…

and then have the last pudding, in which you pour the syrup… pretty good.. but for 20HKD… kinda expensive!


Ichiran 一蘭 

Ground Floor, Lockhart House, Block A, 440 Jaffe Road,Causeway Bay
Tel: 2152 4040