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Sing Heung Yuen 勝香園 – Hong Kong

i told my aunt, who’s a foodie also, about going to Lan Fong Yuen.. and she said that Sing Hing Yuen’s is cheaper and the food is better…

since it was on my “to-try -HK-cafe” list.. i decided to go to Sing Heung Yuen (勝香園) asap!!!!

but don’t go on a saturday!!!!!! the line up was uber long.. till the end of the block… and the wait was more than half an hour…

yep! it’s a dai pai dong again! but this one is famous for their tomato soup instant noodles…

this gourmet instant noodles has real tomatoes in the soup!!! and it doesn’t taste like it’s made with just ketchup….and you can choose the toppings you want… (eggs, chicken wings, beef, pork chop)..

crispy pork bun… this is WAY BETTER THAN THE ONES IN MACAU… it’s tender and the sauce is just perfect..

i’m already stuffed.. but there is one more thing to order…

crispy bun with condensed milk and lime!!!! it’s sour and sweet at the same time!! perfect ending to this meal!!

by the way… this cafe is famous for their 7-up with salt and lime bits…..

and i think this is better than Lan Fong Yuen.. go check the 2 out and see for yourself!!


Sing Heung Yuen 勝香園

No.2 Shop Mee Lun Street, Central, Hong Kong


Lan Fong Yuen 蘭芳園 – Hong Kong

i was reading cathay pacific’s inflight magazine and they had an article about famous hong kong styled cafes…. at that time, i only moved to hong kong for about 3 months and didn’t really know the local eats..so i decided go on a tasting adventure…

i first visited Lan Fong Yuen (蘭芳園).. it’s an “ex- dai pai dong” right in the middle of Central…therefore, during lunch time, there’s a huge lineup..

it’s really famous for its stocking milk tea….

the milk tea is supposedly smoother… but i can’t taste the difference

and i ordered the famous grilled chicken mixed instant noodles (lo ding).. the chicken was really tasty (with msg).. the lo ding was quite unique.. it’s definitely gourmet instant noodles  ..


Lan Fong Yuen 蘭芳園

4A-6, Gage Street, Central, Hong Kong