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Graham’s Port Lodge – Gaia, Portugal

We also went to Port tasting in Gaia at Graham’s Port Lodge.

Port wine is produced exclusively in the northern provinces of Portugal, near Porto, hence the name.

After the wine is produced, it’s stored and aged in barrels.

Port is a sweet red wine (typically a dessert wine).  I’m not a wine enthusiast so I can’t really tell the difference between late bottled vintage and 10 year old Tawny.

For 3 euros, you get a guided tour and 2 wine tastings!


Graham’s Port Lodge

Rua Rei Ramiro 514 – 4400 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Tel: +351 22 377 64 84/85


Maison des Gateaux – Gaia, Portugal

We found a pastry shop a few doors down from the traditional café.

I had to go in to get some pastel de nata!

The Portuguese loves pastries so you’ll see pastry shops everywhere!

This  pastel de nata was less custard-y and not as sweet.  The crust was very crispy!

almond sticks..very flaky and crispy!


Maison des Gateaux

Rua de Cândido dos Rei, 29s;  Gaia, Portugal

a traditional café – Gaia, Portugal

Our first stop in Portugal was at Gaia, a city overlooking the southern part of Porto (the 2nd largest city in Portugal).

Porto on the other side!

We sat down at 2 different restaurants along the waterfront but no one took our order for 15 minutes! We gave up and decided to explore the hidden back streets for something to eat.

We found a traditional Portuguese café that sold pastries, sandwiches and wine.

ham sandwich..the sandwich was more like a pastry cause the bread was sooooo flaky and buttery!

pastel de nata… I had to try the Portuguese version of my favourite Portuguese egg tart! Compared to the Asian version that I grew up eating, the Portuguese version is thicker and custard-y, not as light.

I found this cafe charming and it was the most authentic and local dining experience in Portugal.


Traditional Portuguese Café 

somewhere along Rua de Cândido dos Reis;  Gaia, Portugal