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Flavors Cafe & Restaurant – Kathmandu, Nepal

I read favorable reviews about Flavors.. reasonable food, free wi-fi, Western toilets with toilet paper and it became our breakfast and dinner spot!

It faces the Boudha Stupa, so like the locals, we walk a full circle around the Boudha.

What we ate at Flavours:

Nepali Potato (Potato cubes cooked in Nepali spices)… it was a bit too spicy..

sauteed vegetables with rice..

Chicken Sandeko..  again this was really spicy even when I requested for it not to be spicy… but my fam loved it and had this every night. I had the pita bread and love it cause it was served warm!

fried chicken… the chicken was overfried…..

Pizza (ham)…This is hands down one of the best pizzas I’ve ever head.. no kidding! I would never have thought it would be in Nepal! The pizza, baked in a clay oven, has thin and crispy bases and toppings that are full of flavour. We had 2 pizzas each night and each pizza only cost $3.8 CAD!

American Breakfast (2 eggs, sausage, toast)…the breakfast however, didn’t taste that good.. the toast was hard, the eggs were fully cooked and the sausage didn’t have any taste…

It’s great to see that both Flavors and The Bakery Cafe hire people with mild disability and speech and hearing impairments.


Flavors Cafe & Restaurant 

Boudha Stupa(Inner circle), Kathmandu,Nepal

Tel.no. 01-4498748