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Eataly – Milan, Italy

Just came back from a whirlwind trip to Italy and France with the bestie.  I arrived in Milan earlier than her, so I spent the day exploring what I missed in Milan last time.   After dropping off my bags, I headed to Eataly for lunch.  I’ve been to the Eataly in New York and I wanted to try it in Italy.

Milan’s Eataly is ginormous… 3 whole floors dedicated to restaurants and groceries!

1 euro espresso…. the first of the daily espressos on the trip.. oh how much I miss this type of morning wake-up!

 prosciutto and mozzarella piadina….  Italian flatbread..

chocolate and vanilla gelato….

After my heavy lunch, I walked it off by touring Milan on foot!

I managed to get tickets to see Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper!!!! It’s one of the hardest tickets I’ve ever gotten as most of the tickets get snatched up by ticket scalpers… Each time slot has only 15 minutes of viewing time.  It really is quite incredible to see such a legendary masterpiece in real life.. and in such close proximity too.

Afterwards, I met up with my friend and decided to head to Eataly again for dinner.  We chose the pasta restaurant…. I’m guessing it’s a type of fast food restaurant as they provided paper cups for water and bread in paper bags… which isn’t quite environmentally-friendly…  Even though this was supposed to be a fast “eat-and-leave” restaurant, we waited 40 minutes before our order was taken!  The servers kept missing us (accidentally, they claimed) so as compensation, they gave us ONE coke to share.  O! and this was after they made us switch tables.  By the time the food came, we were NOT AT ALL happy.  From sitting down to the food arriving, it was about an hour..

tortelloni di ricotta al profumo di limone, con spadellata di verdure….. this was pasta stuffed with cheese and vegetable.. this was an interesting pasta because of the lemon sauce…

la pasta di Gragnano con pomodoro ebufala di “Roberto Battaglia”…… this was BAD… the pasta wasn’t even fully cooked….  at this point, we were so disappointed with the service and the food, that we didn’t finish and left.

We were soooo disappointed with Eataly that my friend said she won’t ever visit it again…

FAIM? un peu….


Address: Piazza XXV Aprile, 10, 20124 Milano, Italy
Phone:+39 02 4949 7301