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Coffee Alley 咖啡弄 – Hong Kong

One of the new restaurants with a foodie buzz and an insane lineup is Coffee Alley.  Coffee Alley is a popular coffee chain from Taiwan that opened in Hong Kong earlier this year.  Like always, I’m drawn to anything with a line……. but it took me 3 attempts before successfully finishing this line!

Let me tell you a bit about the lineup… most times, the end of the line is on the street, a few shops away from Coffee Alley’s building.  The lineup then snakes into the building and up a level of stairs…. My 1st attempt was around 1pm  on a Saturday in April and the end of the line was a shop away…estimated time was 2 hours!  About 10 minutes in, we gave up and went to another coffee shop.

The 2nd and 3rd attempt were on the same day.  It was right after our first exams and we decided to take a break from studying.  My friend had previously attempted the lineup 4 times but never a success.  We were DETERMINED to dine there as this was a weekday afternoon.  Got there at around 2pm and we thought the lunch craze should be over by then…. but no! The end of the line was 3 shops away.. with an estimated time of 3 hours.  We gave up.. and went to Din Tai Fung across the street.  After stuffing ourselves with xiaolongbaos, we went back to Coffee Alley and saw that the line was inside the building! We’ve never seen a line this short! Even though we were full, we lined up.. knowing that by the time we got a seat, we’ll probably be hungry again.  We ended up lining up for 2 HOURS in the hot and humid June weather!  To make things worse, I already had an headache from the exam stress and there was NO AIR CIRCULATION on the staircases.

Anyhoo.. 2 hours later.. we finally saw this sign!

We were so happy to be seated in an air-conditioned environment!

loved magazine layout menu

ice drip coffee … since this is named Coffee Alley, we had to try their coffee… it was pretty smooth and had a strong taste…

fruit tea…one of their famous drinks…tasted pretty good… but for the price, thought they could use better tea than the Lipton Tea bag….

oreo smoothie…. another famous drink… but seriously, this is nothing special. I guess it’s because I grew up in Canada and I’ve had Oreo milkshakes a number of times.  However, this was made to cater Asian tastebuds as this wasn’t as sweet… tasted kinda bland to me..

savoury croissant with ham and cheese… my mom can make this..

Their famous waffles with strawberry and custard…  their signature dish is SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT.  The waffles were not waffles but some kind of hybrid between waffle and cake. It was not crispy nor fluffy.. just a mouthful of dough. Microwave Eggo waffles tastes way better.  And it was COOL. Seriously, I have never tried cold waffles. The strawberry sauce tasted so ARTIFICIAL. The custard did not go with the waffles because the waffle is already so heavy.  The 3 of us couldn’t finish it and packed the leftover for our friend (he eats anything and everything).

one the the prettiest takeaway bags

Coffee Alley is not worth the hype nor the 2 hour lineup.. it was one of the dining experiences I regret.  We kept ranting about the Oreo smoothie and the awful waffles… and our neighbours were giving us quizzical looks.  I guess we Canadians have different foodie tastes cause we saw our HK friend lining up for the SECOND TIME …

FAIM? non non…..

Coffee Alley 咖啡弄

Room B1-B3, 1/F, Dragon Rise, 9-11 Pennington Street, Causeway Bay

Tel: 2493 3033