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Ciudad Condal – Barcelona, Spain

It was Sunday night and even those restaurants which are opened in August are mostly closed.  We decided to try Ciudad Condal, of the same family as Cervecería Catalana.  It’s due to the success of Ciudad Condal that Cervecería Catalana was opened.

This place was also packed when we arrived!

Unlike the sleek modern interior design of Cervecería Catalana, Ciudad Condal’s design is more rustic and homey.

more potato bravas! I’m totally addicted!

huevos cabreaos…this is even better than potato bravas!  Poached eggs and spicy mayo on top of fried potato sticks! The potato sticks are like Hickory Sticks (my favourite childhood snack!) but minus the BBQ flavour!  You mix everything together and you get a delicious gooey crunchy bite!

grilled mushrooms and asparagus… quite tasty but a bit salty..

fried calamari… not good.. tasteless and has a thick batter

mini hamburger with cheese and sweetened onions… the onions were too sweet!

grilled prawns… they were smaller than El Quim’s but it tasted fresh and sweet!

croquette..this was was fried in a batch of used oil… and it was overfried too….


Crema catalana… they included walnut cookies too!

The food’s the same quality at both places but the service was better at Cervecería Catalana.  Another difference is that Cervecería Catalana has a hipper and more local clientele while Ciudad Condal seems to serve more tourists.


Ciudad Condal

Rambla de Catalunya, 18
Barcelona, Spain
933 181 997