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Cafe Tai Lei Loi Kei 大利來記咖啡室 – Macau

macau is also very famous for their pork chop bun and the best place for this is Cafe Tai Lei Loi Kei (大利來記咖啡室)!  it’s a street side stall right by the main road of Taipa (which, by the way, has a lot of great food finds!)

the pork chop bun starts selling at 3pm (until sold out) and there’s a huge lineup.. and when i was lining up, there was this guy who budged and people started arguing! thank goodness he cut the line behind me! anyways.. so after the long wait…

tada! THE pork chop bun! the bun was very crispy and chewy (yay!) but the pork wasn’t that tender.. plus, it was slightly spicy… so i didn’t really like it.. and the bun was sauce-less..  i prefer the pork chop bun at Sing Heung Yuen… with the tender pork and mayo!  but my relatives really liked it.. and so does everyone else..


Cafe Tai Lei Loi Kei 大利來記咖啡室

Rua Direita Carlos Eugenio, Taipa, Macau