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Italian dinner in Lima, Peru

We were only in Lima for less than 2 days….. so we left the university a bit early to catch the sunset at Miraflores.

Miraflores is a district by the beach and unlike Plaza des Armas, which is more local, Miraflores is more expat.  It’s famous for its cliffs, gardens and shopping.

After watching the sunset, we walked to the main square, Parque Kennedy, to look  for a place for dinner.

No more chicken!! ever!!! So we ended up an Italian eatery by the square.

very romantic setting…

some pasta.. I forgot what it is….. but it was way better than chicken!

FAIM? un peu!!

El Parquetito 

Lima 373, Lima, Peru (Miraflores)


Linguini Fini – Hong Kong

I’ve been wanting to try Linguini Fini, the New-York style casual Italian bistro, even though I’ve heard mixed reviews.

We got there before 7pm and the place was already packed!

the bread comes in a cool tin-container…

On top of Spaghetti (meatball, cheese, garlic bread)…you can’t really see the meatball but it was gigantic!

salt cured egg linguni fini… their signature dish: spaghetti infused with flavour… this pasta was bland and I couldn’t taste the salt cured egg!


Linguini Fini

The L Place, 139 Queen’s Road Central, Central

Tel: 2857 1333

Al Dente – Hong Kong

A restaurant in Central that has good food and is a reasonable price for students is Al Dente.  It’s a tiny Italian restaurant and the only bad thing about Al Dente is its poor service! I don’t mind it too much so that’s why I’m always returning. I think the restaurant certainly lives up to its name.

It was my friend’s birthday and I suggested this restaurant so as to not break our wallets!

We ordered a calamari to share..

I like using the actioncam app because I can take pictures of all our food and upload it as a single picture.  I’m so lazy haha.

One of my friends ordered the Linguine al Funghi (Virgin olive oil, crushed chili, sliced garlic, Italian parsley and mixed forest mushroom), the middle plate of the bottom row.  I didn’t order this because there weren’t any “toppings” (I only consider meat/seafood to be a topping) but boy did I miss out.  This pasta has a strong olive oil taste yet you can still taste the mushrooms.

I ordered the Cappellini San Benedetto (Angel hair pasta with lobster pieces, sea scallops and jumbo shrimp in a creamy lobster sauce. Finished with cognac and topped with roasted walnuts), bottom right corner. I chose this because it has 3 different types of seafood! The sauce didn’t taste lobster-y nor does it have a hint of cognac but other than that, the pasta was still good.

these are some pictures I took the previous times I ate at Al Dente:

Tomato & Feta Bruschetta (Six slices of toasted french bread topped with plump tomatoes, whole milk feta cheese, basil and virgin olive oil)


Cappellini San Benedetto .. hmm.. I keep ordering this!

Al Dente
16 Staunton Street, SOHO, Central
Tel: 852 (2869 5463)

La Piola – Hong Kong

One of my high school friends visited Hong Kong so my other friend suggested we go to La Piola for a brunch gathering!

It’s a restaurant specializing in the cuisine from Italy’s Piemonte region (the capital is Turin)..

There weren’t a lot of people (well, given it was Sunday)…

We thought they would have a brunch menu but all they had was an à la Carte menu..o well!

the 3 of us decided to share a mix starter set:

cold starters: Russian salad (nothing special), sliced braised veal served cold with tonnata sauce (I don’t know what tonnata sauce is but it was really good.. like a light mayo with flavour), Italian anchovies (way too salty… even with the bread)

hot starters: roasted peppers served with garlic sauce (not a pepper fan), eggplant flan with cheese fondue (couldn’t really taste the eggplant), savoury croissant with cheese fondue (croissant was really hard, not flaky and not buttery)

maltagliati with gorgonzola cheese and walnut sauce… this was highly recommended by the waiter but we guess he hasn’t even tried it! The pasta was so bland.. not enough salt, no hint of blue cheese, and the sauce didn’t even tasty walnut-y!! My friend decided to mix the tonnata sauce to give it a bit of flavour!

FAIM? non non….

La Piola

8 Lyndhurst Street, Central

Tel: (852) 2851 2281

Italian Kitchen – Vancouver

For Christmas break, instead of hardcore studying for my January exams, I went back to Vancouver, traveled to San Diego.. and yes, I ate a lot!

Italian Kitchen is the current hot spot in downtown but I had reservations about going because it’s owned by the same group (Glowbal) as Trattoria.  During Dine-Out Vancouver 2 years ago, I went to Trattoria and got ripped off.  The 3 of us ordered a seafood platter to share but it was only a 2 person portion. Anyhoo.. I still wanted to see what’s the hype with Italian Kitchen.

My friend and I decided to have an early lunch and even though we went at noon, the place was packed! The only spots available were the counter seats.

I didn’t like the counter seats because I literally rubbed elbows with the person sitting next to me and my eyes got watery from the kitchen smoke.

Spinach salad with marinated radicchio, shaved parmesan crispy onion rings, figs, balsamic… This was really good. I loved the crispy onion rings and the balsamic vinegar sauce!

Prosciutto di Parma pizza with arugula, tomato sauce, burrata cheese… this was the signature dish.. the chefs were generous with the parma! Unfortunately, the pizza had chilli powder and my mouth was on fire…..

I think I’ll definitely reserve a table next time to try their pastas!


Italian Kitchen

1037 Alberni Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 1A1
(604) 687-2858

Pane Vino – Hong Kong

My friends decided to go for the Monday’s special at Pane Vino: 2-for-1 pasta!

Other than bread, there’s also complimentary bruschetta!

I’ve always classified risotto as being a “pasta” so I ordered the seafood risotto. Imagine my shock when the bill came and I didn’t get the 2-for-1! I felt so sorry for my 2-for-1 partner who had to pay full price for her pasta! On the other hand, the seafood risotto was quite delicious, lots of tomato sauce and the rice cooked to the perfect texture.


Pane Vino

G/F, 30-32 Robinson Road

Central, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2521 7366

Fratelli Bakery – Vancouver

One of favourite cheesecake is from a bakery in Vancouver’s Little Italy.. Fratelli!

oddly enough, I’ve never actually been to Fratelli before because it was always my cousins, aunts and parents who bought the desserts for me!  But this summer, I passed by Commercial Dr. and had to visit Fratelli myself!

and I got cheesecake!

the cheesecake is so cheesy and it’s the harder type…. so rich!!!

Fratelli Bakery

1795 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC