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Jin Luo Bao Korean Restaurant 金羅寶韓國料理 – Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

I was almost full with eating all the snacks but I still had dinner to go to!

My friend took us to her favourite Korean restaurant in Hong Kong, Jin Luo Bao.  A few months ago, I had a craving for Korean food so I went to Kam Sing (have yet to blog) a few times!

There were 8 mini dish for appetizers! My favourite were the sweetened potato, squash and spinach dishes.

The 3 of us shared a dukbokki and oyster bimbibap.  The dukbokki wasn’t as spicy as Kam Sing’s but it was still too hot for me to handle! The  oyster bimbibap was really good because the oyster was fresh and the rice was infused with the oyster flavour.

We didn’t order a set meal yet we got complimentary ice-cream!  I’ll definitely come back to try their bulgogi!


Jin Luo Bao Korean Restaurant 金羅寶韓國料理

6/F, Island Beverley, 1 Great George Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


Danish Bakery 丹麥餅店 – Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

After Waffle-Yo, we headed next door to Danish Bakery! There’s always a line up at this old establishment because it’s famous for its HK style burgers and hot dogs.

We ordered a hot dog to share and truthfully speaking, it was mediocre.  The bun’s different from the western-style bun cause this was soft, moist and sweet.. but it was pretty good.  Instead of ketchup, there’s a mayo-like sauce.  The wiener was the supermarket type and it wasn’t grilled enough…. kind of tasteless.

I think I’ll try their burgers next time.


Danish Bakery   丹麥餅店 

106 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Waffle Yo – Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

After school on Friday, my friend and I went on a eating binge! We started off with an egg tart and then we went to Waffle Yo!

Waffle Yo’s name pretty much sums up what it offers: waffles, yogurt and also hot dog.  They should have named the store: Waffle Yo Dawg.

We ordered a fro-yo and waffle-on-stick to share.  The fro-yo is creamy (like Crumbs) and it’s served in a waffle cone! This is probably the first place in Hong Kong to serve fro-yo in a waffle cone! The cone was crispy but it wasn’t made to order.  The waffle-on-stick is crispy on the outside, soft and moist on the inside.  It’s served with whipping cream and either maple syrup, condensed milk, chocolate syrup or strawberry jam.

I think I’ll come back just for their waffles and then pop next door to Yogo for fro-yo!


Waffle Yo

112 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


Katte Shabushabu 勝手 – Hong Kong

Dad and I went to Katte Shabu Shabu for lunch since I was craving for shabu shabu!!

The place is really tiny, with only 18 bar seats!

Dad and I both ordered the the Shabu Shabu Executive Lunch set ($138)…

yumm! the set includes: grilled edamame, Japanese Wagyu Beef and US beef, vegetables, tofu, mushroom, enoki and udon..

and 1 skewer ($40 and below)..

grilled quail egg wrapped with Japanese pork

grilled roe fish

either dessert or soft drink.. taro mochi!!!!

There are different soup bases to choose from but we tried the famous clear red snapper soup. I love the soup: very sweet and not that fishy.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t that much difference between the Wagyu and US beef.  The grilled skewers were pretty delicious and well marinated.

I’ll definitely come back again for the soup! On an other note, the owner of Katte is really young!


Katte Shabushabu 勝手

5 Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay

Tel:(852) 2577 2628

SML – Hong Kong

My friend, who I lunched with at the Press Room, suggested SML for dinner.

SML is by the same group as Press Room! I was impressed by Press Room so naturally, I was prepared to be wow-ed by SML.

SML = small medium and large

Dishes come in the 3 sizes! Perfect for small eaters like me (just kidding)..

I decided to order 2 smalls:

risotto / braised ox-tail / parmesan: served hot! the sauce is really tasty and the ox-tail was very tender..

pumpkin / roasted chicken / chili / lime coriander salad….it was ok… bit too spicy for me!

My friend ordered:

caesar salad .. the dressing was really creamy!

I really liked the SML concept and the food, so I went back the next week with another friend and ordered all smalls!:

confit chicken / foie gras / truffle salad / toast.. so so.. the taste was kinda weird…

classic lasagna al forno. very cheesy with a lots of tomato sauce!

baked macaroni / cauliflower cheese / mozzarella.. nothing spectacular but obviously better than Kraft Dinner

risotto / braised ox-tail / parmesan… this must be my favourite dish @ SML!

The food at SML is average but the thing that draws me here is the SML concept!


11/F, Times Square
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2577 3444

Sen-Ryo 千両 – Hong Kong

so after the satisfying post-exam lunch.. how can we not have a self-rewarding delicious post-exam dinner??!!

my friends decided to go to Sen-Ryo.. it’s the revolving sushi bar! I haven’t been to one since… 5 years ago @ Tsunami on Robson st, Vancouver!!!!!

when we saw the food come by.. we couldn’t resist grabbing and ended up filling the entire table!!!

I kind of gave up on the resolution I made of not eating sashimi in HK…. I just can’t resist!! The sashimi at sen-ryo was pretty ok…. and i loved the ikura roll cause there were a lot of ikura!!!

i also really liked the cold sesame sauce tofu cause of the yummy sauce!!

i didn’t like the dynamite roll.. cause they used the karage batter instead of the tempura batter… so the fried prawn was hard and tasted oily…

nevertheless.. it’s a pretty good sushi place if you need a fast dinner.. we finished dinner in 45 minutes!!!


Sen-Ryo 千両

Shop B222, B2, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay

Azabusabo 麻布茶房 – Hong Kong

after the 1st exam, a lot of my classmates went to star seafood restaurant for dimsum.. but my friends and i were like “we deserve better food after the exam!!!” so we went to Azabusabo for lunch!

i ordered to fried chicken with egg lunch set… i was surprised that the chicken was so good (cause i only thought they were famous for the sweet potato ice cream!) the chicken was tender and the egg wasn’t fully cooked.. so it was a bit liquidly, which was perfect for mixing it with the rice! and whatever the sauce they used, it was so tasty.. i managed to nearly finish my rice!

my friend ordered the japanese curry with beef with omurice!  i had a taste.. and it was my first time trying japanese curry and i like! it wasn’t spicy.. sorta sweet!

when you order 4+ sets, you get a free appetizer! the gomae wasn’t good.. not enough sesame sauce!

although the food was good, the service was horrible! instead of sitting outside in the mall (where all the customers sat), we were sitted inside.. and i guess the waitress forgot about us…. we had to call the staff @ the sushi bar to find our waitress! they also forgot about our set drinks until after we paid and reminded them….  and they didn’t clear our tables.. so there were no room to put the drinks!


Azabusabo 麻布茶房

F1 Fashion Island, Great George St., Causeway Bay