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John’s Pizzeria – New York City

This trip has all been about eating and Broadway shows.. we watched musicals 3 nights out of the 4!  After watching Lion King, we headed to John’s Pizza, which was directly across from Phantom’s Majestic Theatre (didn’t notice it the night we watched Phantom…).

Apart from being famous for the pizza, John’s known for being in an abandoned church.

It has high ceilings with stained glass windows…probably the classiest pizza joint! It’s also the largest pizzeria in the world!

We ordered:

1 large size pizza…. it’s baked in coal-fired brick oven so it was very aromatic. loved the crust.. very thin and slightly crispy!

house salad.. the vinegrette was too sour…

New York Cheesecake.. 


John’s Pizzeria

260 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036, United States
+1 212-391-7560


Hidemi Sugino – Tokyo, Japan

I love love love cakes…. so obviously, I visited one of the most famous pâtisserie in Tokyo, Hidemi Sugino.  In the French pastry world, Hidemi Sugino is so renowned and has won the prestigious Coupe de Monde de la Pâtisserie award back in 1991.

I read about the long lineups and potential shortage of cakes so I was extremely worried .. but when we  got there, there was no lineup!!!

Hidemi Sugino is famous for his artisan mousse cakes which is made with limited amounts of gelatin.  These cakes are very delicate and temperature sensitive and must be consumed immediately… which is one some of the cakes are only for “eat-ins.”

We waited for a table in the cafe and ordered a few of the “eat-in” and “take-out” cakes.

Eat-in cakes:

La harmonie (cherry and lemon mousse)

Geometrie (pink grapefruit and mint mousse)

Sicilie (pistachio and blackberry mouse cake)

Everest (base: fromage blanc mousse, top: chantilly cream, middle: red fruit confiture)

take-away cakes:

Ambre noix (starting with the base: biscuit au noixmousse au chocolat au laitm mousse au caramel with a layer of biscuit joconde au chocolat sandwiched in between, topped with caramel glaze and a piece of walnut…..)

Charme (black forest)…

Since I’m typing this entry almost 10 months later, I forgot the individual taste but I remember that these cakes were in a league of its own. Seriously! The texture is so different than the others. The consistency’s like flan.. kindly jiggly.. and I would say it borders on jello/tofu… but more moussy than jello. No wonder these cakes must be eaten immediately! It was like eating a work of art… all those intricate layers and flavours blending into a masterpiece. It’s certainly worth the expensive price (around 600+ yen per cake!)

I didn’t know that photos weren’t allowed until the staff informed me… oops.. my bad!

Note: I returned again in 2016 and it’s now mandatory for each person to also order a drink……


Hidemi Sugino

京橋大栄ビル 1F, 3-6-17 Kyobashi, Chūō, Tokyo 104-0031, Japan
Phone:+81 3-3538-6780

Depachika!!! @ Tokyo, Japan

Depachika, also known as a department store’s food hall, is the food mecca for foodies.  An entire floor (sometimes two) devoted to all things sweet or savory.. and traditional Japanese or Western.  I love going to depachika’s because of its sheer size and diversity, but mostly because of the gorgeous display of the food.  

The must-buy item from the food hall for me is Fukusaya’s Castella cake. Fukusaya is the famous bakery that has been making castella cakes since 1624!  The cake is intricately wrapped in boxes and layers of wrapping paper… oh the anticipation of finally uncovering the cake!

this wrapping paper depicts the founding date of Fukusaya, the shop’s various locations, and its  bat-shaped logo..

Castella is a sponge cake made with sugar, flour, eggs and syrup.. which as a honey taste to it.  My mom went through a crazy castella-baking phase when I was a kid and I clearly remember her frustrations on making a perfect tasting/looking castella…. so I fully appreciate Fukusaya’s castella.  It’s so moist and fluffy with the perfect amount of sweetness.  Yummmmmm….

This time, we also tried out the takeaway food counters at the depachika.  Once again, we were shopping till very late at the Damairu Department Store and like always, I needed to take a walk in the amazing food emporium before leaving.  We came across people snatching up sashimi bento boxes.  Apparently the prices are slashed by half! We ended up buying 3 boxes (the best of the remaining) and ate it back at the hotel.

Even around store closing time, the sashimi still looked so fresh.. and it tasted fresh as well!


Parisian Boulangeries & Pâtisseries – Paris, France

This is a combined post on the bread and pastries I tried in Paris.

There’s Paul near out hotel on ChampsÉlysées,  so we got breakfast there!

Takeaway is a lot cheaper so we brought the food back to our hotel…

croissant… very fresh.. flakey and buttery!

pain au chocolat… not enough chocolate!!!

I have yet to come across a local/famous boulangerie so while shopping at the Galeries Lafayette, I went crazy when I saw Eric Kayser in the food market!

Eric Kayser is considered one of the “world’s best bakers” and his artisan bread is considered one of the best in Paris!

My brother tried the smoked salmon sandwich and he said it was just average…

I tried the almond croissant…. flakey, buttery, has lots of almond but not enough custard!

and the pain au chocolat!  flakey, buttery and with lots of chocolate!

Next time, I must/will try his baguettes, which is what he’s most famous for, cause the items I tried this time wasn’t that amazing….

I couldn’t leave Paris without eating pastries, so I went to Publicis Drugstore (which has everything! L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon… Pierre Hermé) to buy pastries from Dalloyau. Dalloyau dates back to 1682 and the Versailles Court and is one of the most famous pâtisseries in Paris.  It’s famous for their Opera cake (which they invented); however, I tried their Millefeuille and some chocolate-caramel dome.



various locations but I went to the one on Champs Elysées

Boulangerie Eric Kayser

various locations but I went to the one at Galeries Lafayette


various locations but I went to the one at Publicis Drugstore

Ladurée – Paris, France

Ladurée is the epitome of French sweets and has been around since 1862.  It’s one of the most famous makers of macarons!!!

We went to the original store at Rue Royale…the store’s kinda pretentious.. no photos of the sweets nor the display were allowed…

We bought some macarons and pastry to try…

The famous green Ladurée bag!

loved the presentation!

my dad’s not a big fan of macaron so he got a chocolate cake instead (the Plaisir sucré)…. he said it was one of the best he’s ever had! extremely rich and smooth.. with a crisp pastry bottom…. but this was kind of expensive.. at 7 euros!

We got 5 macarons to try (rose, chocolate, caramel with salted butter, pistachio). The macarons were crisp, light and didn’t taste artificial.. but I would have preferred more inventive flavours (like Pierre Hermé)… and they charged extra for a box (Pierre didn’t!)

The Champs-Elysées outlet was under renovation so they had a temporary pop up store on the sidewalk.  We were in Paris during the few days when it was the hottest in 90 years (39 degrees Celsius) and the pop-up store had to close since the macarons and pastries would have melted in the heat!  On our last morning, it was back in business so we got some breakfast.

more pretty boxes…

Mont-blanc….. so pretty!  loved the chestnut “spaghetti” and the meringue base..

150 anniversary July special: Butteryfly.…. Previously, I had a really not-so-good one at Paul Lafayete so I was kind of iffy when I chose this.. but this turned out to be SO SO SO GOOD!  The macaron was crispy and the strawberries were fresh.. love this!

both my dad and brother got the Plaisir sucré again.. it’s that good!

Ladurée is opening a shop in Hong Kong.. so excited!!!!



16 Rue Royale, Paris
01 42 60 21 79

75 Champs-Elysées, Paris
01 40 75 08 75


Gartine – Amsterdam, Netherlands

After having Vleminckx Fries, we walked a couple blocks to Gartine, hidden in an alley near to the touristy Kalverstraat.

Actually, it was my brother who recommended Gartine and this was a great choice! Even though we didn’t have reservations, we managed to get the last available table (the only one in the loft overlooking the cafe)  but the people behind us weren’t so lucky…

love the interior design and ambiance..

We ordered:


soup from their vegetable garden and served with sourdough bread

multi grain sourdough topped with egg salad with garden herbs and truffle mayonnaise…

multi grain sourdough topped with dutch bacon, cream of Dijon mustard and spring onions….

raspberry white chocolate cheesecake…  extremely light cheesecake but flavourful also! I could taste a hint of white chocolate and it wasn’t too sweet..

chocolate cake…. extremely rich! loved the crumble/crunchy bottom!

I loved this café…the staff friendly, the food delicious, the setting exquisite! We wanted to come back to try the afternoon tea but we didn’t have time 😦



Taksteeg 7 BG  1012 PB Amsterdam, Netherlands
020 320 4132

Vete-Katten – Stockholm, Sweden

I still have one more item to check-of on my to-eat list: fika.  Fika is a Swedish term that means to have a drink and something sweet.

Near our hotel is Vete-Katten, one of the most famous cafe & bakery in Stockholm.

I had the Princess Cake…a traditional Swedish cake consisting of alternating layers of sponge cake, whipped cream, thick pastry cream and a layer of green marzipan on top.  I didn’t like the marzipan because it was too sweet but the cake was ok…



Kungsgatan 55  111 22 Stockholm, Sweden
08-20 84 05