Huen Phen – Chiang Mai

I went on a short getaway to Chiang Mai with my friends but only have time to blog now.  I’ve been to Thailand a few times but every time it was to Bangkok. This was my first time in Chiang Mai and I liked the slower pace feel to it.

Our first meal was lunch at Huen Phen.  Huen Phen, during lunch, is cafeteria- style while at night, it is restaurant-style. It serves Northern Thai / Lanna cuisine, which is different from the curries/pad thai seen in Bangkok.

you point to whatever you want and the food is delivered to your table..

grilled pork

pomelo salad.. this was sooooooooo spicy!

 Northern Thai sausage… a bit spicy but had flavours of coriander and lemongrass…

Khao Soi….a Burmese-inspired dish… boiled egg noodles in curry coconut soup, topped with fried egg noodles and condiments..

condiments that goes with Khao Suai…


Wat Chedi Luang.. a few blocks away from Huen Phen..


Huen Phen

112 Thanon Rachamankha

Chiang Mai, Thailand


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