Beaucoup Bakery & Café – Vancouver

My friend has been raving about Beaucoup Bakery for a while and bought some goodies for me to try!

counterclockwise from top left:  Apple tart / passion fruit tart / kouign amman / croissant / salted chocolate rosemary cookie….

The apple tart was really interesting because it’s apple puree set on top of custard. The passion fruit tart, however, was a bit too sour.  Also, the custard of both tarts were a bit too liquidy.. I don’t know if it’s because the weather was really hot that day……

The kouign amman were ok.. but not as flaky as Dominique Ansel….

The salted chocolate rosemary cookie was an inventive combination but the rosemary was a tad too strong…

chocolate almond croissant….

love the croissants! It’s on par with Thomas Haas!


Beaucoup Bakery & Café

2150 Fir Street, Vancouver, BC V6J 3B5
+1 604-732-4222


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