Flying Pig – Vancouver

I was actually looking forward to trying the brunch at Flying Pig.  I tried dinner in their Yaletown location last year and was pretty decent.  This brunch, however, was disappointing in so many ways.  The server we had was disengaging and was only enthusiastic when trying to get us to order more drinks and side dishes…………..

The rest of the family ordered cappuccino and it wasn’t brought out immediately because our server was drinking his morning cocktail…… strike one.

I ordered the organic fruit smoothie with expectations (because it was 5 CAD).  I was appalled to see that they were spooning the smoothie from a pre-made batch.  It was NOT what I had in mind for an organic smoothie….strike 2.  Look how small the glass of smoothie was…. To make it worse, after they gave me my smoothie, the servers at the bar were adding more juice from a carton to the pre-made batch… and then tasting it!!!!  So I guess my glass of smoothie wasn’t properly made….

the only decent thing at the brunch was this crispy hashbrown..

French toast with maple blueberry compote….. looks better than it tastes…

Pulled pork 4 cheese rigatoni….. bro said it was meh….

Hash special with pork and beans….. nothing special about this….. just chunks of unflavourful pork with potato wedges…..

smoked salmon benedict….. the smallest portion of salmon ever… and I’ve been to a lot of brunches… and see how watery the hollandaise sauce was….

strike three and the flying pig is out….  really, I don’t think I’d ever be returning……

FAIM? non non…

The Flying Pig

127 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1B8, Canada
+1 604-569-1111


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