Maenam – Vancouver

This summer trip back home was filled with lots of new food discoveries! Apparently there’s a Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants ranking so I tried to eat my way through the list!

First restaurant I tried was Maenam, a modern Thai restaurant that is ranked number 26.

I pass by it almost everyday and never noticed it!

The setting is very non-Asian….

handmade roti / mussaman beef curry / banana blossom salad with toasted sesame, fried shallots, tamarind and palm sugar dressing)… The roti was buttery and light but not too crispy.  The curry wasn’t spicy and the beef brisket was tender.  The highlight was the salad with the light and sweet dressing… so different from other salad dressings.  We were so impressed with the dishes that came that I forgot to take pictures of the pad thai and stir-fry vegetables.  The pad thai was authentic and didn’t have the westernized ketchup-y flavour.

For dessert, I ordered coconut tapioca dessert.. it was normal…..

I was impressed with Maenam at first but other than the pad thai and salad, everything else was so-so compared to what is offered from a traditional Thai restaurant (and at a fraction of the price!)



1938 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M5, Canada
+1 604-730-5579



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