Gajalee – Mumbai, India

On our last day in Mumbai, we had an evening flight so we could fit in another meal. There wasn’t much left to do in Mumbai so we spent the day shopping at Phoenix Mills, an upscale luxury mall in Mumbai that also had a branch of the famous seafood restaurant Gajalee.

We were the only non-locals eating there…

bombay duck! so yummmmsbutter garlic crab…..  the crab was a lot smaller than Trishna’s and the meat wasn’t firm…. quite a disappointment… grilled masala prawns… the spice overpowered the natural prawn taste…..

panfried pomfret…… pretty good!! the meat was tender….

My brother stayed at the hotel instead so we brought him take out…. bombay duck and calamari..

Gajalee had good seafood but because we ate this after Trishna, this was a bit disappointing…. because Trishna was that good!

This concludes all the food I had in India and on returning home, I did try the most-authentic Indian restaurant at home.. but nothing could compare to the real deal!



Phoenix Mill Compound, Unit No. 2, Block 3 ABC, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Skyzone, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013, India

Phone:+91 22 2495 0667


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