Punjabi by Nature and other Delhi Eats – India

I can finally cross India off my bucket-list!!!!  Our family spent last year’s Christmas holidays in India and it was an incredible experience. We started off in Delhi, then drove down to Agra, Jaipur and Udaipur before flying down to Mumbai.  We found a tour agency that organized a private tour with a driver, guides at each city and hotels…. so I didn’t have to plan anything!

Our first stop was Delhi ….spice market @ Chandni Chowk

I actually felt a bit unease because mom and I were one of the few females on the street so everyone was staring at us….. It was a shocking first morning for sure…

Our tour guide took us to a touristy restaurant for lunch but the food was really good.. better than at home.fresh buttery naan

chicken tikka

chicken biryani

Because I can’t eat anything spicy, we asked for the food to be non-spicy.. but it was still flaming hot!  After lunch, we also visited the other famous monuments…India Gate..

Red Fort…

Gandhi Memorial….

Qutab Minar……

After seeing these monuments in real life, I feel like I have an affinity with Delhi.. especially when on the flight home, I watched an Indian movie called Kick and I was excitedly pointing out the places I’ve been.

For dinner, a lot of people on Chowhound recommended Punjabi by Nature, a chain of fine dining restaurants specializing in Punjab cuisine that is supposedly one of the best and most famous restaurants in Delhi.  My brother’s friend even took Arnold  Schwarzenegger there to eat when he was in Delhi so it should be good….Most of the locations are outside the touristy centre so we went to the closest location in Ambience mall.

The decor is a mix between European style and a sports bar!

mango lassi….

the best garlic naan of our whole trip…..

butter naan….

Murgh makhani also known as butter chicken….. I guess butter chicken is an North American term for this because this name doesn’t show up in any of the menus in India!

The specialty: raan-e-punjab (whole leg of baby lamb braised in the marinade of malt vinegar and smoked with Indian spices)….. We don’t normally in lamb but ordered this because it was their most famous dish and my brother’s friend highly recommended this .  Surprisingly, this was pretty good! Very tender meat and didn’t have the gamey taste…..

Masala vegetables with okra……

Even though I requested for the food to not be spicy, it was still very hot!  This was a very expensive meal (even more expensive than Indian food at home) but I guess you pay a premium for such an environment.


Punjabi by Nature

305, 3rd Floor, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi



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