Au Passage – Paris, France

It was so hard to pick a place for our grand finale dinner because it was on a Monday.  We ended up going to Au Passage due to the many positive reviews on Chowhound, blogs, Paris by Mouth and Anthony Bourdain.

I unfortunately made a reservation for the wrong day and they said they were fully booked.  We were offered a seat at the bar but luckily, there was a cancellation and we got moved to a table.  The menu of the day is written on the chalkboard (in French only!) and changes daily.  We got there early and heard the head chef (He’s British) explain the dishes to the French  servers in English.  Good translation!  With high expectations, we ordered 5 dishes to share….

Crabe, saucornes, poireaux… this isn’t a picture of the salad half-eaten.. this was the entire portion! so small.. anyways.. you couldn’t taste the crab.. the salad dressing overtakes the taste…

Soupe de choufleu, foie gras… this was probably my favourite dish of the night…. decent cream soup but the foie gras was kind of small compared to Le Petit Gourmand…

Salt cod, aïoli au safran, roquette... another really small dish…  I like this aïoli more because there’s less mustard but the cod was extremely salty…..

Cochon, oreille, blackbean… another passable dish…The pork wasn’t tender enough and the skin was soggy instead of crispy.  There’s also pork ear… which I didn’t touch…

Asperges, bacon, oeuf… very simple dish but was pretty good… I think this is a very easy dish to attempt at home…

I really don’t understand the hype at Au Passage… the food wasn’t spectacular (although the prices were decent) and there were mostly tourists eating there…

Au Passage

1bis Passage Saint-Sébastien, 75011 Paris, France
Phone:+33 1 43 55 07 52

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