Ice-cream in Mougins, France

On the way back to Cannes from Grasse, we made a stop in Mougins.  Mougins, a small village perched up on a hill, is famous for its art and gourmet restaurants and many celebrities, artists and chefs have visited/lived/worked here.  Because the walk from the bus stop to Mougins is a 30 minute uphill hike, there weren’t too many tourists.

It was such a delight to walk through the village…. so many street art to discover and greenery to serve as picture backdrops!

Mougins is a serious place for gastronomists, as there are many famous restaurants in the village….. but there isn’t a single ice-cream shop! We finally found a cafe that served ice-cream… but it came from grocery shop-bought cartons…. such a disappointment….rose and lavender ice-cream…. tasted too artificial and was too icy.. guess no one ordered from that cafe…..

FAIM? non non…

Mougins, France


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