Eating in Riomaggiore – Cinque Terre, Italy

The main reason for this Italian part of the trip was to visit Cinque Terre! Cinque Terre isn’t one town but is composed of five villages along the rugged coast of the Italian Rivera.   We chose to stay at Riomaggiore, the first village for La Spezia and the southern-most of the 5 villages.

 It’s very charming.. look at all the bright colours!

For dinner the first night, we decided to eat at Il Grottino as it was raining and the restaurant was right by our apartment. Right from the start, we did not receive any service at all.  The staff was very cold towards us (no hint of smile nor made any conversion) but was friendly and attentive to the other patrons…… No points at all for the non-existent service….

The food, however, was decent…

stuffed mussels.. it’s a local speciality.. mixture of eggs, parmesan, parsley and breadcrumbs stuffed into the mussel shell.. the mussel is so tiny you could barely taste it…  It’s not worth it because you’re basically eating breadcrumbs..

seafood spaghetti…  fresh seafood, the pasta was cooked perfectly but was a bit bland…

Apart from restaurants, there are also a few take away restaurants selling fried seafood….

Across from our apartment was Mamma Mia.  We could literally smell the aroma of fried calamari from our door.

fried calamari!

I picked a mix, so it included fried anchovies…

pesto focaccia.. kinda oily…

We also found a pasta laboratory!

you pick the type of pasta and the sauce…

we picked trenette pasta and pesto sauce as both pasta and the sauce is a specialty of the region…this dish is known as trenette al pesto… It was pretty good for the price (5 euros only!) but I think my mom makes better pesto pasta.  This was too oily and didn’t have enough basil taste.



Cinque Terre, Italy


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