Kaji Hoten 博多割烹 かじ 本店 – Fukuoka, Japan

As I’ve mentioned earlier, this area of Japan is famous for fugu (puffer fish) and also raw squid.

I found this restaurant online and it’s quite reputable in Fukouka (in existence since 1955).  It’s normally at least 10,000 yen for dinner but at lunch, there’s a set menu for 2500 yen… and it includes fugu and a squid!

aww.. the chopsticks rest is a pufferfish…

appetizers and a small plate of fugu…. The quality of fugu here is a bit better than at Shimonseki market… hence, only a few pieces..

more appetizers…

the raw squid!  We ate most of it but the rest were deep fried (that’s another dish!)


chawanmushi (steamed egg)….

miso soup with clams….

All this for 2500 yen! Such a good deal!!


Kaji Hoten 博多割烹 かじ 本店

2丁目-3-11Nakasu, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka,
Fukuoka Prefecture 810-0801

Tel: +81-92-291-2219


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