Karato Ichiba Fish Market – Shimonoseki, Japan

To make use of the car, we drove all the way up from Kumamoto to Shimonoseki on the main island, Honshu.

Shimonoseki is known as the fugu (pufferfish) city as it is the largest harvester and exporter of fugu in Japan. Fugu, considered as a delicacy in Japan, is one of the most poisonous vertebrates in the world and has to be prepared by specially-trained chefs.

We went to Karato Fish Market for lunch and you can see the cute pufferfish everywhere.

There were soooooooooooooo many people in the market.. and this photo only shows one row of stalls…

What is different at this market is that you can pick your own sushi and it charges per nigri (ranging from 300 to 500 yen).

fried pufferfish and squid….

prawn tempura

I kept picking and eating.. repeated that at least 5 times….

Obviously there’s a lot of fugu sold at the market..

I had 2 plates! fugu soup.. so flavourful!

Outside the market, there’s macha ice-cream shop!


Karato Ichiba Fish Market

Address: 4-11-39 Hikoshima Nishiyamacho,Shimonoseki 750-0093, Yamaguchi Prefecture

Tel: +81 832-67-8181



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