B-Speak – Yufuin, Japan

Back in May, we went on a 6 day road trip in  Japan’s Kyushu island. We rented a car from Fukuoka and drove around the northern/mid part of the island.  Our first stop was this quaint onsen (hot spring) town called Yufuin.  As we were heading to another onsen later that day, we spent our time in Yufuin sightseeing and eating.

The most famous food there is B-Speak’s cream roll cake.

B- Speak is so popular that it usually gets sold out before the afternoon.  We got there before it opened at 10am and the line was already around the corner.

We ended up buying 1 large size vanilla cream roll cake and 3 minis: 2 vanilla and 1 chocolate.  There wasn’t a place to sit and eat.. so we ate in the car.

As usual, the Japanese wrapping and packaging was so intricate.. so many layers to reveal!

the fluffiest cream cake! and the cake with the butteriest and creamiest taste and smell! No other roll cake can compare to this! My dad, who originally said “roll cake is roll cake.. it’s just the hype,” loves it so much that to this day, is reminiscing about this cake.

The chocolate was good.. but not as buttery as the original…



Address: 3040-2 Yufuincho Kawakami, Yufu, Oita Prefecture 879-5102, Japan
Tel::+81 977-28-2166

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