Somboon Seafood – Bangkok, Thailand

Please bear with me.. I’ve been way behind with the blog because of all the short trips I’ve taken since my last post… Shanghai, Japan, Thailand, Japan.  The perks of living in Hong Kong!

I went to Chiang Mai last month right in the middle of the coup.. but that will be a story for the later blog posts.  First,  I’ll be blogging about last Christmas’ trip to Bangkok.   We went during the beginning of the protests and we were already kinda iffy about the situation.  Since this was our 3rd time in BKK, we mainly focused on eating and didn’t see any protesters!

Our first dining stop was to Somboon Seafood, THE place for curry crab!

Somboon is so famous that there are reports about taxi drivers driving customers to a fake Somboon…. I made sure to google-mapped it before hand!  We went there around 6pm to avoid the lineup…

What we ordered:curry crab! I normally don’t like curry (spicy!) but this was amazing!  Perfect mix of egg white and curry.. so the spice was mild enough. The curry had coconut in it.. so it was rather sweet and creamy.  I normally don’t eat rice but I ate a whole bowl with multiple spoonfuls of curry! So delicious! The crab was more of an afterthought.. but still good.

panfried pomfret with soysauce..

sauteed prawns and vermicelli….

sauteed morning glory

oyster omelette…  this was so good! the oysters were so fresh and juicy!

We loved Somboon so much that we came back on our last night to have curry crab again!


Somboon Seafood

Address: Bang Rak, จังหวัด กรุงเทพมหานคร Thailand; 169,169/7-12 Surawong Rd., Suriyawong, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

Phone:+66 2 233 3104


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