Hidemi Sugino – Tokyo, Japan

I love love love cakes…. so obviously, I visited one of the most famous pâtisserie in Tokyo, Hidemi Sugino.  In the French pastry world, Hidemi Sugino is so renowned and has won the prestigious Coupe de Monde de la Pâtisserie award back in 1991.

I read about the long lineups and potential shortage of cakes so I was extremely worried .. but when we  got there, there was no lineup!!!

Hidemi Sugino is famous for his artisan mousse cakes which is made with limited amounts of gelatin.  These cakes are very delicate and temperature sensitive and must be consumed immediately… which is one some of the cakes are only for “eat-ins.”

We waited for a table in the cafe and ordered a few of the “eat-in” and “take-out” cakes.

Eat-in cakes:

La harmonie (cherry and lemon mousse)

Geometrie (pink grapefruit and mint mousse)

Sicilie (pistachio and blackberry mouse cake)

Everest (base: fromage blanc mousse, top: chantilly cream, middle: red fruit confiture)

take-away cakes:

Ambre noix (starting with the base: biscuit au noixmousse au chocolat au laitm mousse au caramel with a layer of biscuit joconde au chocolat sandwiched in between, topped with caramel glaze and a piece of walnut…..)

Charme (black forest)…

Since I’m typing this entry almost 10 months later, I forgot the individual taste but I remember that these cakes were in a league of its own. Seriously! The texture is so different than the others. The consistency’s like flan.. kindly jiggly.. and I would say it borders on jello/tofu… but more moussy than jello. No wonder these cakes must be eaten immediately! It was like eating a work of art… all those intricate layers and flavours blending into a masterpiece. It’s certainly worth the expensive price (around 600+ yen per cake!)

I didn’t know that photos weren’t allowed until the staff informed me… oops.. my bad!

Note: I returned again in 2016 and it’s now mandatory for each person to also order a drink……


Hidemi Sugino

京橋大栄ビル 1F, 3-6-17 Kyobashi, Chūō, Tokyo 104-0031, Japan
Phone:+81 3-3538-6780

One response to “Hidemi Sugino – Tokyo, Japan

  1. very cute Japanese cakes! I’d better sell my TV.

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