Musashi 武蔵 – Tokyo, Japan

To continue with my izakaya-dining itinerary, this meal was a bit different.. we had robatayaki at Musashi 武蔵.

Robatayaki is a method of cooking where food is slowly grilled over hot charcoal.

We requested to sit at the counter so we’ll be closer to the action. You pick whatever you see and it only costs ¥290 per serving!

After the food is finished grilling, the chef hands it over with a paddle.  So interesting!

Because it was only¥290 per serving, we ordered a lot!

grilled octopus….

grilled scallop

grilled clams….

grilled pork skewer


grilled prawn

grilled aji fish

grilled chicken skewer

grilled pork ball..

grilled corn

steamed enoki mushrooms in broth and butter… so yumm and fattening!

Loved the food and the whole atmosphere.  The bill turned out to be 8000+ yen cause the beer was expensive.


Musashi 武蔵

Shimbashi 2-9-17, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tel. 03 3580 3550


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