Uoshin Nogizaka 魚真 – Tokyo, Japan

Another izakaya we went to was Uoshin Nogizaka 魚真.   I actually found this on Cnngo’s best izakayas in Tokyo list and it’s another izakaya specializing in seafood.

It’s located on the site of the old Coca-Cola shop and Uoshin has kept some of the old decorations.

We ordered:

Nokezushi (¥1,500), 8pcs of kappa maki sushi (cucumber) topped with kani (crab), uni (sea urchin), ikura (salmon roe) and negitoro (minced tuna)…. It tasted really fresh but the colour of the uni wasn’t as golden as I would have imagined). Spoonfuls of the most decadent kani, uni, ikura, negitoro.. heaven! The kappa maki was forgotten until the end….

sashimi plate (haibut, sablefish, tuna, mackeral)..

rice topped with salmon in daikon broth

grilled fish

grilled rosy seabass….. this fish can only be found at certain months of the year… The meat’s’ very tender and has a very fresh taste…

fried tofu.. so yumms that we ordered 2!

fried shrimp

crab… We were actually full by then but the table next to us ordered this and we saw that the crab was already deshelled.  No work for us! So we ordered this.  The crab meat was really really sweet and juicy.


Uoshin Nogizaka 魚真

9-6-32 Akasaka
Minatu-ku, Tokyo
Phone:+81 3-3405-0411

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