Nakaya 仲家 – Tokyo, Japan

Because we went back to the hotel to sleep after Sushi Dai, we still haven’t walked around Tsukiji market. We went back to the market another day for a later breakfast at 8:30am.  No more hour long line up for us this time….we decided to try Nakaya, which is famous for their rice bowls.

The lineup was really short… less than 15 minutes!

I like family business.. feels more personal..

Dad ordered the toro-don… the toro was so fresh that it was slightly bloody!

Mom and I both ordered the toro-uni-ikura don….. a combination of all my favs! Unfortunately, the toro wasn’t as buttery as the one we had in Osaka.. but it was still amazing!

After the breakfast, we walked around the market and had to keep out of the electric carts’ ways!

This is the inner market where the tuna auctions and wholesale take place.  We didn’t lineup to see the tuna auction because that line is even crazier than Sushi Dai.  Apparently, the jet-lagged tourists start lining up at 3am!


Nakaya 仲家 

Tsukiji Market 5-2-1 building #8
Tokyo, Japan


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