Earnest Ice Cream – Vancouver

My 4 year old nephew asked me out on an ice-cream date!!!!  The cutie-pie sent me a voice message a few weeks before my trip home saying that  he’ll take me for ice-cream!”

My nephew’s favourite ice-cream shop is Earnest.  He’s such a regular that other patrons recognize him!

Earnest is an ultra-hip ice-cream parlor that is only opened Thursday-Sunday.   With it’s minimalistic decor and the scruffy, beanie- wearing staff…. I could totally feel the cool vibes!

There were a lot of flavours to choose from and it was sooo hard to pick.  We ended up getting 4 scoops to share:

whiskey hazelnut  and 33 Acres of Malt

The whiskey hazelnut is probably the best flavour ice-cream ever. It’s smooth, creamy with lots of hazelnut pieces to give a good crunchy texture.  The whiskey flavour is light but it gives a kick, making this ice-cream in a league of its own.

33 Acres of Malt is a flavour made in collaboration with the local brewing company, 33 acres.  This flavour is quite subtle (compared with whiskey hazelnut) and tastes a bit like maltesers and the Vita Malt Soy.  Oddly, my mouth and throat started getting numb and felt tingly near the end…..food allergy???

fresh banana and London Fog

I only had a taste of the fresh banana because my nephew ate it all! He loved it! It actually tasted like eating mashed banana.

London Fog (aka. Earl Grey) is basically highly concentrated earl grey tea in the form of smooth, thick and creamy ice-cream.  This is way better than Bella Gelateria’s Earl Grey flavour.

I was soooooooo in love with Earnest that I wanted to have more before I left.  Unfortunately, it was during the week and the ice-cream shop isn’t opened but fortunately, Earnest is also sold at local retailers (not the chain supermarkets, but the local neighbourhood grocery stores).   I found Whiskey Hazelnut at Stongs!

love the packaging..it’s as cool as the shop

I really wanted to have London Fog again but didn’t see it at Stongs. I ended up calling a few of the stores to ask if they have it in stock but none of them did.  I decided to pop by Windsor’s Meat since I was passing buy and lo and behold, there were 2 jars left of London Fog! I ended up buying both and giving it to my friend to try.

sooooooo yummms

I can’t wait to go back to Vancouver in the summer to have Earnest in the sunny weather!


Earnest Ice Cream

3992 Fraser St., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
 (604) 428-0697

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