West – Vancouver

I took a few days off to fly home for Chinese New Year and it coincided with the end of Dine Out Vancouver 2014.   This time, we decided to try the normally-very-expensive West.

They had the same menu for lunch and dinner but the prices were $28 and $38 respectively. We went during lunch so it was a really good deal!

Golden Beet and Orange Soup (with bacon panko and tarragon creme fraiche)…. The soup was poured in front of us.. pretty interesting presentation.  It was an odd combination but somehow it worked..it tasted really light and refreshing..with a subtle hint of orange and beet..

Baby Carrot and Watercress Salad with Agassiz hazelnuts and preserved stone fruit vinaigrette….  My friend ordered this and said it tasted really bland. The presentation shocked him cause it looks like it’s a half-eaten salad!

Braised Veal Breast (with roasted cauliflower, pearl couscous and thyme jus)… The meat looked like it would really tough (from the sheer size of the dense meat) but it was surprising really tender…. and the skin on the top was really crispy!

Pacific Provider Wild Pink Salmon  (with Yukon gold potato blini, sunchoke puree black truffle and parsley marmalade)… I had a bite of this and the fish was really tender and had crispy skin.  I’m all for crispy skins!

Citrus tart ( spiced whole wheat crust with vanilla and raspberry swirl ice-cream)… the tart was really sour..but the sweetness of the ice-cream balanced it out..

Malted Chocolate Cake (with caramelized banana and sesame snaps)… really dense choco cake..

Overall, this was probably one of the best Dine Out meals I’ve had….artsy presentation and great food but mainly because the portions were quite big for Dine Out standards!  Unlike other restaurants, this time, I didn’t feel like I was eating a “cheaper” version of the normal dishes.  If Dine Out was this stellar, the regular menu must be amazing.



2881 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3J4
Phone:(604) 738-8938

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